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1 on 1 Mentoring

Let me take you by the hand and push you toward success with my bespoke coaching programs

How can I best serve you?

Virtual Coffee Date

  • 1 hour Skype call
  • All your questions answered
  • Personal advice
  • Access to my tools

Pick my brain for an hour

Life Empowerment Session

A structured Empowerment Plan

  • 1 hour Skype call
  • A detailed action plan
  • Personalized video summary
  • Access to my tools

Where can I make a difference?

Only take advice from those with the results you want. I specialize in a variety of areas based on the results I've achieved in my own life.

Finance | Personal Wealth | Investing | Purpose | Fulfilment | Relationships | Social Leadership | Family Dynamics | Business | Marketing | Social Media | Online Sales | Mindset | Mental Challenges | Fears | Fantasies | Goal Setting | Life Planning | Energy & Vitality | Self-Awareness | Self-Love | Lifestyle Design | Gratitude

What's in my toolkit?

Wealth Tools:

  • Financial Independence Calculator
  • Asset Allocation Calculator
  • Personal Wealth Map
  • Investment Portfolio Analyzer
  • Investment/Speculation Calculator
  • Monthly Expense Optimization Tool
  • Prosperity Calculator
  • Mutual Fund Calculator

Business Tools:

  • The Best Business Plan on Earth
  • The Billionaire Within
  • DRIF Service Calculator
  • Daily Efficiency Form

Mindset Tools:

  • The Fear Dissolving Process
  • The Fantasy Dissolving Process
  • Daily Affirmation Schedule

Relationship Tools:

  • Fair Exchange Calculator

Leadership Tools:

  • Peer Empowerment Evaluator
  • Hero Neutralization Tool
  • My Traits Identification Tool

Spiritual Tools

  • Hierarchy of Souls Desires (HOSD)
  • Find My Purpose

Over the past 10 years, I've hand-crafted a collection of tools and calculators that have helped me empower every area of my life. During our coaching session, we may use these tools to achieve your objective.

Life Empowerment Session

After our 1 hour Skype call, I will deconstruct your questions, answers and objectives to create a highly detailed coaching program that includes an action plan, book list and affirmation schedule.

I will then summarize the coaching plan via a personalized video summary (20-40 minutes in duration).

  • Your coaching program is a PDF printout
  • Any tools you require will be available for instant download
  • Your video summary will arrive by mail on a flash drive

How about a sneak peek?

You might be wondering...

Q: Which session type is best for me?

This depends on your specific needs.

Think of the Virtual Coffee Date as just that. An hour where we can sit down and you can ask me what ever is on your mind with my full and undivided attention. My time spent on these sessions is largely limited to our one hour allocated block.

The Life Empowerment Session, on the other hand, goes a lot deeper. I will be focussed heavily on ensuring your "primary outcome" is met via establishing your needs and voids prior to the session and paying close attention to your verbal and body language patterns during the call. I will use every resource at my disposal to construct the most empowering coaching plan I can, which will be delivered via PDF download 1-2 days after the call. I will then post (via mail) a flash drive containing a personalized video summary of our Life Empowerment Session. I typically spend 3-4 hours on each Empowerment Session in total.

Q: Can I take you out for a coffee in person?

Spare time is not an area where I'm overly abundant, which is why I prefer skype meetings! In person sessions can certainly be arranged in Brisbane but must factor in a prep and transport time of 1 hour.

Q: Can you coach me in Forex Trading?

I am more than happy to discuss Forex trading during our sessions if you are already a Lifetime Infinite Prosperity Member. I would also love to point out that our team at Infinite Prosperity are able to take trading specific coaching calls as well, and at a cheaper rate than I can personally offer.

Q: Do you have an inner circle group?

Yes, I have The Monthly Mastermind group, which is a monthly subscription to my inner circle. 

When can we book?